5 reasons why you should get back to TESO

Are you wondering what game should you play in June? One word - Morrowind.

A huge expansion to the much loved TES Online MMORPG is going to be released this June! Elder Scrolls Online takes place almost 800 years before the events of the highly acclaimed TES: Skyrim. The expansion will take players to the lands visited in Morrowind. Players will be able to choose between 10 different races and 5 classes.

Here’s several reasons as to why it’s a good idea to revisit Elder Scrolls Online again!

1. Find a friend - Morrowind expansion is promising a new experience, so a lot of old players are getting back in the game, also new players are eager to try the game!

2. New Class - leveled already all classes and done stuff? Good! The new expansion brings a new class - Warden,

3. Revisit Morrowind - Ever wondered how did Morrowind look before the Red Mountain erupted and covered in ash most of the island? Now you can check it.

4. Pay once - play forever, with no monthly fee.

5. Low entry cost on Kinguin - pay only about €10 to start playing TESO, pay about €32 to get the expansion!