5 More Games Under 5 € You Ought to Play

Last weekend we have suggested you 5 Games Under 5€ You Ought to Play. Now you are ready for another relaxing weekend and here are 5 More Games Under 5€ You Ought to Play (if you haven't yet).


1. Payday: The Heist Steam Key

Have you ever wanted to gather your friends and plan the biggest heists? Banks, jewelry shops and mafia gangs are yours for the taking. - Buy it for 3.32€

2. Civilization V

You have your own civilization. Develop your nation and culture. You can achieve victory by military force, diplomacy or cultural superiority.  - Buy it for 3.49€

3. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

It is a FPS that brings you back to the 80's action movies reality. The plot is pretty simple - "get the girl, kill the bad guys, and save the world"- Buy it for 2.99€ (2.69$ for US version)

4. Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition

Become El Presidente, a dictator forced to flee from his country to Tropico- your own bannana republic island. Rebuild your nation and lead it to prosperity. - Buy it for 2.99€

5. Mirror's Edge Origin Key

Take control over Faith Connors - a hot chick with crazy parkour skills in a unique action-adventure from a first person view game - Buy it for 1.00€

 *All prices might vary due to stock, time and other factors.

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