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GENERAL Разтегли всички

Q: What is Kinguin?

KINGUIN: is a platform that provides sellers and buyers from all around the world with the possibility to trade digital game keys and in-game items at a fair price with no hassle through an innovative platform. You can find more information about at our dedicated About Us page.

Q: Do I need to have an account to order a product on Kinguin?

KINGUIN: Having a registered account is necessary to buy on Once you are logged in, you can choose any product you wish to purchase and just go through our checkout process.

Q: How do I register?

KINGUIN: In order to register an account on, you have to click the Sign up button and enter your email address and password. As an alternative way of signing up, you can use your Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn account.

Q: What should I do if I forgot my password?

KINGUIN: If you forgot the password to your Kinguin account, you can press Forgot password and follow the instructions to restore it.

Q: How do I sell on Kinguin?

KINGUIN: If you intend to sell more than several keys at a time, you need to have a merchant account. To become our merchant, fill in this application. Otherwise, our C2C selling feature should be sufficient. For more information click here and go to the C2C section below.

Q: Can I create a list of my favorite games?

KINGUIN: Yes, you can add any specific game offer to your favorites by entering the game's description page. Under the game's price and dedicated Buy button, there is a link to add to favs. Simply click on this link and the game will be added to your list of favorites.

Q: How can I contact Customer Support?

KINGUIN: You can contact our Customer Support by clicking here. Please avoid creating multiple tickets regarding the same issue, and keep in mind that every message resets the ticket waiting time delaying our response. Therefore, submitting multiple messages without our reply is not recommended, as this will most likely extend response time. In case of a really urgent matter, you may always start a chat.


Q: My order’s been created. What does its status mean?

KINGUIN: Each status indicates a different state of an order:

  • Pending Payment - Awaiting your payment, can be canceled in My Orders tab.
  • Processing - Is paid and about to be completed. This usually takes up to 10 minutes.
  • Processing:Pre Order - As above, except the order will be completed around the game’s release date, as stated on the product page.
  • On hold - The dispatch has been held. You should find more details in our message - see your tickets in the Customer Support tab. 
  • Complete - Order has been processed, and the item is already delivered (or will be shortly - see product description). 
  • Closed - Order refunded by an administrator.
  • Canceled - Unpaid order has been canceled. If you were charged, please provide us with at least the transaction ID but preferably all payment details.
  • Suspected Fraud - Mostly associated with incorrect BitPay payments. Contacting our Customer Support highly advised.
  • Payment Review - Either your eCheck is being cleared (5-7 days) or your payment is being verified by PayPal (up to 72hrs). Our  Customer Support may certainly clarify that for you here
  • Banned - Order has been blocked due to safety reasons. Contacting our Customer Support highly advised.

Q: Why is my order delayed - on hold?

KINGUIN: Order dispatch shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes after creating an invoice. However, there are many possibilities for a delayed order, ranging from technical issues related to internet downtime and/or server issues to safety reasons. Regardless, the first step should always be checking the order status. Once done, please refer to the answer to the previous question (order statuses) and act accordingly.

Q: I bought a pre-order. When can I expect my key to be delivered?

KINGUIN: Please note that since it’s a pre-order, you will receive the product key around the release date, as stated in its description. Also, any bonuses, if included, may differ from offers on other stores.

Q: Can I cancel my pre-order?

KINGUIN: In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, any pre-order can be canceled anytime up to 3 days prior to the date of the game release (unless any activation key associated with the product is released in advance). Refund requests filled within the last 3 days may not be accepted. However, if you have Kinguin Buyer Protection included in your pre-order, you may cancel it at anytime until the key is delivered. Please just contact us via our ticketing system or Live Chat to make sure we received your request before the dispatch of your pre-order.

Q: I lost my internet connection while sending a payment and now my order is Pending Payment. Can I pay for it?

KINGUIN: Unfortunately, once the payment gateway is closed, there is no way to re-open it, hence the second payment attempt for the same order is impossible. If you haven’t been charged, we suggest canceling such order in the My Orders tab and just placing another one.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

KINGUIN: We accept the most popular payment methods such as PayPal, credit and debit cards, Paysafecard and BoaCompra. We also accept bank transfers and Smart2Pay methods along with ones available locally in specific countries such as DineroMail, Boleto and Gpay. We are continually working on expanding our list of accepted payment methods which can be found on every product page under Show available payment methods and under the link below.

Методи на плащане

Q: I was charged, but the order is on pending payment / cancelled status. What should I do?

KINGUIN: If you paid with credit card via Paymentwall, please check the e-mail account that you entered while placing this order to make sure you did not receive any e-mail messages from Paymentwall. If you did, you should proceed according to the instructions given in that message.

However, if you did not receive anything, it is advisable to contact Paymentwall directly here, in order to ask them about the transaction. After you do that, please forward their response to us together with a ref ID (in a ticket or via LiveChat). Please note that there can be numerous reasons why your payment is declined, such as incorrect data or insufficient funds. Moreover, please be informed that even if your payment is declined, funds might be temporarily put on hold by your bank.

Q: There was an error involving 3D-Secure on the Payment Gateway. What now?

KINGUIN: 3D-Secure is a universal safety method, but it might look differently depending on the card association or your bank - very often it is sent in the form of a code to your cellphone. If you do not have 3D-Secure activated on your account, please contact your bank to enable it. Additionally, here you can find useful information about it: *

Please note that in case of some 3D-Secure methods of authentication a pop-up may appear. In this case, if the problem persists, please try to temporarily disable your Adblock or any other similar add-on / software.

Q: Who can see my credit card information?

KINGUIN: Kinguin doesn't see or store your credit card information. Only the payment services we use can see your credit card information which is necessary for them to process the payment. All pages where you are required to enter your personal or credit card information are secured.

Q: What are Kinguin Wallet Funds and how do I use them?

KINGUIN: It’s basically our store credit and works pretty simple. Kinguin rewards you with €0,01 for every €1 spent here. Gathered funds can be used along with other payment methods to lower the total amount of your order, or cover it entirely. You decide how much of the funds you use by adjusting the slider in your cart. For more information about Kinguin Wallet Funds, click here.

Q: Are there any Kinguin Wallet Funds giftcards?

KINGUIN: Sure! Not only you can buy Wallet Funds for yourself, but gift some of them using our special giftcards. Just make sure the recipient of the gift knows how to use them. More details here.

Q: How can I get a discount code?

KINGUIN: To be up to date with our promotions, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Also, keep in mind that every promotion is detailed on our Blog. You can also sign up for the newsletter on this page and receive heads ups before any promo. After following the abovementioned advice you can rest assured you won’t miss any discount codes or even free games.

KEYS & STEAM GIFTS Разтегли всички

My key / gift is not working. What should I do?

Most importantly, make sure that you’re redeeming the key on a correct platform - checking the name of the product you’ve purchased will help to determine which one is it.

Keep in mind that some products can’t be activated on SteamOriginUplay or, but on a developer’s own platform - such keys are usually described as Digital Download.

Next, make sure that the product description doesn’t mention any restrictions that could affect the activation - regional restrictions or other product limitations are always highlighted in a bold or red font in the product description.

If the key’s still not working, please refer to a topic related to specific digital distribution platform in this FAQ section.

Q: I bought a voucher. What is that?

KINGUIN: In this case a voucher may be, for instance, either a 100% discount code for a Ubisoft Store applicable to a specific title, or a GeForce code. Vouchers unlock products on external pages and redirect you to the appropriate platform afterwards. Just make sure you read the product description and the activation details, as vouchers are great, however, the activation process may be unclear. It doesn’t affect your gaming experience nor any other features associated with having the game. You can enjoy your game for a better price and use saved funds for some DLCs to enjoy it even more.

Q: Why did I receive a link instead of the key to the game?

KINGUIN: If you have received a link instead of a key, it means that you have ordered a Steam gift. In order to redeem it on your account, please log in to the correct Steam account in your browser and enter the link into the address bar and press Enter. Then, please add the gift to your inventory or directly to your library if you would like to play the game on this account (the game will be bound to your account and you will not be able to give it to someone else). However, if you would like to send the gift to your friend, you have two possibilities:

  • you can add the gift to your inventory and then send it directly to your friend via Steam - this method should be used only in case of games that are not under Valve Anti-Cheat ban.
  • you can send the link to your friend via your e-mail, instant messenger etc. - in this case, please do not enter the link in your browser (especially if you are logged in to your Steam account).

Q: I opened the gift link on the wrong account. What should I do now?

KINGUIN: The quickest way to deal with the issue is to accept the gift and add it to your INVENTORY. Afterwards, you will be able to forward it to the desired account. To do that, simply open your Steam inventory, then click on the gift and press “send gift” button. After that, you'll be able to either select the desired account from your friends list or you will have to enter the e-mail address manually.

If you are unable to add the gift to your inventory and you have no choice but to decline the gift, or you declined it by mistake, the gift will not be redeemable anymore, because it will return to the merchant's inventory. It is very often caused by the issue associated with the new Valve’s policy regarding VAC-enabled games -  for more information, please go here.

To solve the issue, please contact our Customer Service either via LiveChat or a ticket. Before contacting us, please do have these screenshots prepared:

  • of the error message including the gift link entered in the browser's address bar;
  • of your Steam account licenses;
  • of your Steam inventory with all gifts being visible.

Please make sure that the screenshots are unedited and that the whole screen (including your taskbar with time and date) is visible.

Q: Why is my Windows key not working?

KINGUIN: Please bear in mind that most Windows activation issues happen due to improper installation.

We are aware that this installation might be confusing. However if you follow our advice, Windows shouldn’t cause you any trouble.

Begin with downloading the Windows package. Necessary links for the installation files can be found on the product page in the Activation Details tab.

Also, please keep in mind that since this is an OEM license this key cannot be used to upgrade or downgrade - you need to conduct a clean installation.

If you have installed the correct Windows version and you are still unable to make use of your license (for example due to an error 0xC004C008), please use the automated phone activation system, as in most cases this method solves the issue. In order to start the phone activation please type SLUI 04 in the search box on the taskbar and press Enter. Then follow the instructions on the screen to activate Windows.

In case of any trouble with the activation, please remember that you can always contact Microsoft Support via chat for additional assistance.

If they confirm that you are unable to activate your license due to an issue with the code, then please provide us with the unedited screenshots showcasing:

  • The confirmation from MS Live Chat Support that this particular key is indeed unusable,
  • The key entered before the activation,
  • The error message you receive,
  • The details of your current version of the system.

Q: How long until I receive my product code?

KINGUIN: We usually send you the product code within 10 minutes of receiving your payment. If it's taking a bit longer, check your order status and act as advised in the 1st question from MY ORDERS - DELIVERY, PAYMENTS, VERIFICATION section.

Will the game work on my computer?

Always be sure to check the minimum requirements listed on the product's description page and the Activation Details. For any technical problems such as bugs and/or black screens which are not related to the game key itself, please refer to the FAQ on the game developer's website.

Can I return a product?

Already delivered products cannot be returned as stated in our Terms and Conditions (6.8 Forbidden Actions): reserves its right not to accept any returns of already delivered items/game keys.

That’s why we encourage you to always include Kinguin Buyer Protection in your purchase, which guarantees you an extended assistance, such as the resale of a no longer wanted, unused product resulting in returning your funds.

C2C Разтегли всички

What is C2C?

C2C stands for Customer To Customer and it’s a feature allowing you to sell a few keys without having to change your account status. More details can be found under this link.

Q: How can I withdraw the earned Wallet Funds?

KINGUIN: Please note that in accordance to our Terms and Conditions, Kinguin Wallet Funds earned using C2C module cannot be withdrawn. If you intend to create payouts, please consider becoming our merchant.

Q: I sold my item / key, but the payment doesn’t reflect in my Kinguin Wallet. What I need to do?

KINGUIN: In order to receive the funds, the customer has to accept the trade offer, then balance will be added within 5 minutes. As for selling keys, your funds should be available 21 days after the delivery, unless the customer files a complaint against your key. In such case we'll certainly reach out to you for a solution. Please contact us, if the funds are not available for you after the abovementioned time periods.

Q: Why is my offer not visible on the store?

KINGUIN: Offers on our Marketplace are being created every 10 minutes. Although, in some cases our system requires more than a few minutes to process product creation, thus there might be no display issue but just a small delay.  Please check your offers status in the My Offers tab. If it's been disabled by our team - status denied, you should receive a message with more details. If it's active and stil not visible after an hour, please contact us.

MERCHANTS Разтегли всички

Q: I sold an item, but the payment doesn’t reflect in my Kinguin Wallet. What I need to do?

KINGUIN: In order to receive the funds, the customer has to accept the trade offer, then balance will be added within 5 minutes. If the balance won't show up on your account within 5 days, please contact us.

How can I add a product that is not on the list?

To add a non-existing product to the list, please go to the Content tab and click on Create a brand new product. After that, click Next and fill out all the necessary fields (most importantly, the noteworthy facts about your new product, such as available languages, bonuses, region limitations, activation details, etc.). Once you're done, click Continue and then Submit to finish creating the custom offer.

Please note that it might take up to 24 hours for the offer to become visible in the store so don't be alarmed if it doesn't show up right away.

Q: My product consists of more than one key. Can the keys be sent together?

To send two or more keys in one purchase, please make sure to write them in a single line, without separating them with the Enter key or commas.

You can separate the keys with a short description for each of them, however, it's not required.

How do I sell my products on Kinguin?

Assuming you've already been approved as a merchant on Kinguin, you can create a new offer simply by clicking on Create new offer button in the dashboard.

If you’re not a merchant yet, however, then you will have to apply for one. You can find more details (incl. commission and fees) and also apply for merchant status under this link. Simply fill in the application and await our message with further details. In case you're not interested in applying for a merchant, we suggest using C2C feature on your profile. However, do keep in mind that you'll be able to sell only 5 keys at a time - click here for more details.

Q: How much information about the product should I include?

KINGUIN: After you create a new product, it will be verified by an administrator. Therefore, please provide us with as many details about the product as possible as any mismatched or missing information will be treated as wrong product information and the buyer will be automatically entitled to at least a partial refund. Therefore, we would also like to encourage you to check the product description page of your offer after it has been activated. This will help you avoid any future issues with customers.

Q: My products have been sold, however, I haven't received any feedback.

KINGUIN: Each buyer has the possibility to leave feedback about every transaction he/she has made, however, such feedback is not mandatory and is up to the customer's good will. We review all feedback before it's accepted. We also try to resolve all neutral and negative feedbacks with the merchant and buyer before publishing.

Q: What is Sales Booster?

KINGUIN: Sales Booster is a tool similar to Google AdWords which will allow you to promote your offers and boost your sales in just a few clicks. By using Sales Booster, you will have the chance to place your offers at the top of the offers list giving them a special Kinguin Recommendation and better exposure, thus, boosting your sales. The top offers from these sections will be further promoted as the main offers on the product pages. Sales Booster will virtually give you the opportunity to show your offer to more buyers and make it stand out from the rest. For more information click here.

Q: When can I withdraw my money?

KINGUIN: In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, the payment for a sale of a product will be forwarded to your Kinguin Wallet Funds after 60 days pass from the date of the transaction. Once the money is available in your Kinguin Wallet, you can request a withdrawal in the system. Payouts can be created here.

Q: How and when will I receive my money?

KINGUIN: Payouts are usually done once a week and only in Euros. Payouts can be issued via: PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin or sent as a bank transfer. Please note that the minimum payout amount for PayPal, Skrill or Bitcoin is €80, whereas for a bank transfer it’s €100. More details here.

Q: How and when will my products be delivered to the buyer?

KINGUIN: All orders are verified and processed 24/7 by our dedicated support team so there is no need for you to worry about sending your products to the buyer. All you need to do is create an offer and add your keys or items to it. Products are usually sent within 10 minutes of us receiving the payment from the buyer. Due to some fraud risk, some orders may take even up to a few days to be processed, depending on the cooperation of the customer. This, however, only happens in very rare and extreme circumstances.

Q: Why is my offer not displayed on the store?

KINGUIN: Our system sometimes requires more than a few minutes to process product creation, thus there might be no display issue but just a small delay.  Please check your offers status in the Content tab. If it's been disabled by our team - status denied, you should receive a message with more details. If it's active and stil not visible after an hour, please contact us.

Q: Is it possible to pay for games with Kinguin Wallet Funds?

KINGUIN: Yes, it's possible. All of the money which is available for withdrawal can also be used to purchase new games on Kinguin.

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