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Buy DemonsTier Steam CD Key

Buy DemonsTier Steam CD Key

Region free
Release date: 08/02/2019

Thosgar, a hated king, attracted by the sorceress & demonic rituals, was consumed by his hatred & a fearsome urges, he then turned into a dark & diabolical being.
Destroying almost all of humanity & flooding the world of monsters.
All this was remembered as legend until peace returned eventually...
A Thousand years later, a mysterious pit has appeared in the village after a huge earthquake where a dark & evil aura emanated from...

From the union of RiddledCorpse and XenonValkyrie comes Demonstier, an RPG roguelike with elements of action, adventure, & arcade.
Enter the dungeons of king Thosgar & destroy the demonic beings present there .


  • 2 Player Co-Op Mode.
  • Epic storyline.
  • Translated to english, french, spanish & german.
  • Incredible 16-Bit graphics.
  • Huge number of ítems & weapons.
  • 8 heroes with unique abilities.
  • Vicious enemies & final bosses.
  • RPG elements.
  • Procedurally created dungeons.
  • Fresh & unique combat style.
  • Fabulous music rendered in 16bits.
  • Achievements, letters, etc...
  • Support for xbox gamepads.
  • Quests & much more...

A fearsome enemy awaits you at the end of the journey.

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