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Region free
Requires a virtual reality headset!
Release date: 11/10/2017

Based on true Newtonian Physics, n-body VR immerses you in a deep space, 4D playground of sight and sound with your HTC Vive. You arrive in deep space enveloped by the Milky Way Galaxy. Next you'll spawn and direct planetoids of different size, speed and direction. Fly along as gravity takes hold and moves your creation into orbit. This unique new experience promises to be fun and interesting to generations of space-time enthusiasts.


  • HTC Vive Virtual Space Experience
  • Based upon Newtons Laws of Gravity and Motion
  • Colliding planetoids combine mass and alter gravitational forces
  • Planetoids can be created, captured and tossed
  • Fly along "jet pack" style with a controlled thruster
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