Superheroes are super because they have to fight super-villains. And it would be hard to find a hero with a better selection of arch-enemies than Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman. Throughout the years he amassed a fair number of very evil and very ingenious antagonists, who all tried to put an end to his doings. We present you a list of the Top 5 most atrocious, dangerous and interesting enemies of Batman. Starting off with:

5. The Penguin

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot is a son of one of the richest people in Gotham. He was born with many disabilities, deformed and really, really ugly. Because of that he was bullied during his childhood and his parents were so ashamed of his looks that they tried to hide him from public. The Penguin developed a hate for everything and everyone which resulted in him becoming one of the biggest masterminds of Gotham’s underworld. The Penguin’s gang is amongst the biggest in the city and poses a sizeable threat to Batman. He was one of the bosses in the game Batman: Arkham City.

You can check the encounter with Penguin in Arkham City in the video below:

4. Bane

The man who broke the Bat – that’s Bane in short. In comic books this heap of muscle and rage was the one who actually put Batman out of commision. Bane broke Bruce Wayne’s back in an epic story told in the Knightfall series. Bane comes from Santa Prisca – small country somewhere in the Caribbean. His incredible physique is a result of tests with a drug called Venom. Thanks to this poison running through Bane’s veins he can withstand the crushing attacks of Batman. You can fight Bane in Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Origins

Watch the epic fight vs. Bane as it played out in Arkham City:

3. The Riddler

As the name suggests, Edward Riddler Nigma (E. Nigma) is a master of riddles and also a maniacal killer and psychopath. His whole life is devoted to creating crazy riddles for Batman to solve. And it’s always somebody’s life as a stake. He is one of the few villains to be present (in one form on another) in all three Batman: Arkham games although you never meet him in person. You will, however, try to solve his enigmas and save lives, and also – The Riddler’s question marks are one of the most mischievously difficult collectibles in the history of video games.

Now riddle me this:

2. The Scarecrow

One of the arch-enemies in the upcoming Arkham Knight game, Dr. Jonathan Crane, also known as The Scarecrow, debuted in Arkham Asylum in an amazing set piece where he drugs Batman. Then he went missing although traces of his wrongdoings can be found in both the Arkham City and Arkham Origins games. We don’t know what role The Scarecrow will play in the newest addition to the series, but we can be sure that Batman will be tripping during this encounter.

You can check out the most disturbing setpiece from Arkham series here:

1.The Joker

The number one villain on our list is by no real surprise – everybody expected Mr. J and here he is! For years and years The Joker was the number 1 enemy of Batman. He was his arch-nemesis, his twisted mirror image, black to Batman’s white, and also the most twisted and cruel killer in the history of Gotham. The Joker lives only to prove Batman wrong, and to torture him endlessly with another victim. And Batman does everything to prevent that. The Joker stars in all three Arkham games and he is THE super villain, orchestrating almost everything that happens in Bat’s life. In the first two games The Joker was voiced by famous actor Mark Hammil (of Luke Skywalker fame) – the same person to voice this character for years in the animated series. Later the actor changed to Troy Baker and now comes the fun part! Technically The Joker should be dead. But the main villain in Arkham Knight, called… well… Arkham Knight, is voiced by none other than Troy Baker! Does that mean that The Joker lives? Will we see him in the newest part of Batman’s adventures?

 Here you can see how the Joker acts in Arkham Origins

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