Zombies are a perfect enemy. You can do whatever you want with them (shoot, axe, burn and mutilate in any way possible), they do look kinda human, but you never feel guilty. Why? Because they are zombies! They are already dead and they try to turn you dead as well.

So, without a shred of mercy, we give you the best games in which you can shoot, axe, burn, mutilate and do some other unspeakable horrors to the undead guys!

5.  The Walking Dead

Made by Telltale Games, The Walking Dead is a gem of a game. It’s one of those few examples where amazing storytelling is taking over the gameplay – The Walking Dead is an adventure game which puts heavy emphasis on dialogues and non-linear story development. You do not have complete freedom of your choices, but they still do matter. Depending on how you treat your interlocutors they will act differently later on. Think twice before taking a candy bar from a wounded adult, so the kids can eat, because maybe there will be a situation in which you will have to ask for help and it will never come.

The Walking Dead is one of the crowning achievements in video game narration. Players truly care about their decisions and about the people they interact with – it’s worth trying just to see how involving the game can be.

Here you have a cool review of The Walking Dead game: 

4. Killing Floor 2

And now for something completely different – a zombie game practically devoid of any storytelling, focused on killing hundreds and thousands of enemies. You play as a part of a 6 person team of zombie-hunters tasked with a simple job – survive evergrowing waves of diversified zombies. Fortunately you will be well armed to do so. There is a good 20+ types of weapons including melee and ranged. You will shoot, burn, and blow up your way through hordes of undead.

And boy is it fun! This is one of those games that are sometimes called twitch shooters because they are based on twitch reflexes. It’s all about action and speed. And cooperation, because Killing Floor 2 is a strictly coop game – there are no chances for you to dispatch the enemies without help. However, when you have some friends playing together it gets incredibly good fun – coordinating your defence, moving together, saving each other – all those elements click nicely together creating a unique cocktail of slaughter and laughter. And sometimes tears.

Watch PC Gamer play a full game of Killing Floor 2: 

3. H1Z1

Named as a successor to DayZ (even though there actually is a DayZ standalone game), H1Z1 is still in early access, but it has already stirred the pot and gathered a huge group of followers. The game is made in pretty much the same way as the aforementioned DayZ – you wake up to a zombie apocalypse and you have to survive by doing whatever it takes. You will scavenge for food and resources, you will craft your own weapons, or rip a gun from the dead hands of a fallen survivor. Like in all zombie games with an open world it’s not the undead who pose the greatest threat. It’s actually the players. Other humans will try to hunt you 90% of the time. Rarely will you encounter some human decency and altruism – usually people shoot first, rob your body second and ask some questions later while leaving you to carrion-eaters.

H1Z1 is still in an early phase of development and it’s only getting better. If you are not interested in survival you can always play on one of the Hunger-games servers – it’s a special multiplayer game mode pretty similar to the movie going by the same title. Everybody is dropped in a relatively small zone and the fighting begins with one goal – to survive to the end.

Summing up – H1Z1 is one of the best multiplayer zombie survival games you can find. It allows you to feel the horror and despair of living in a post-apocalyptic world. You should check it out.

Below you will see H1Z1 gameplay with commentary: 

2. State of Decay

H1Z1 is an awesome multiplayer survival game. But what about all those who don’t necessarily like to play with people? Well they can always play some State of Decay – one of the best zombie-survival games ever made. This strictly single-player experience will put you in the shoes of a survivor in a world ravaged by the undead. Your goal is not only to live, but also to establish a small community and assure its survival. You will scavenge for food and supplies in nearby houses, trying to remain as silent as possible. Avoiding zombies is actually a huge thing in State of Decay – they come in different forms but they are always dangerous. If you allow them to overrun you, you will die quickly. And when someone dies in this game, they stay dead. If you invested some time in character development and boosted some of their skills this can be very painful – losing a valuable member of the community affects morale, making the whole thing that much harder.

State of Decay review: 

1.Dying Light

Our number 1 zombie game comes from a Polish developer, Techland, a company with a LOT of experience with zombie related subjects - they are the ones responsible for the awesome Dead Island. Dying Light is their newest take on post-apocalyptic open world games and they have nailed it again. This time around you travel to the city of Haran, a mid-eastern metropolis, where an outbreak of a mysterious disease has turned people into zombies. You play the role of an agent of a health organization sent to the city to solve the mystery of the disease and to find some important documents that can help with getting rid of the pandemic.

Some people say that Dying Light is like Dead Island only with the addition of parkour (art of running freely over obstacles), and to an extent they are right. But that addition plus some minor improvements has made Dying Light into one of the best zombie and best parkour games ever made. After you train a little (you gain experience like in Skyrim, by doing stuff – run to unlock agility unlocks, fight to unlock strength unlocks and so on) you will become very proficient in running and jumping. Using your skills in a zombie-related situation is surprisingly fun. You will bounce off undead, slide under them to break their legs, you will jump from height to pierce them with your melee weapons, and you will flee when powerful night zombies come out hunting.

Dying Light is an amazing mixture of action, RPG and zombie survival game. It’s sleek, runs well even on older PCs, looks gorgeous and plays like a charm. You shouldn’t miss it!

Some really cool gameplay montage for Dying Light: