Are you looking for cool video games? Or maybe planning your gaming future? We have something for you! We’ve prepared a short selection of the bestselling titles on Kinguin. It doesn’t matter if you are an action fan or if you prefer RPGs –- we have something for everyone. So wait no further and check out what we have in store for you!

Here you will find a full list of the bestselling games on Kinguin!

1. Grand Theft Auto V

Definitely one of the best games ever made, GTA V is an epic game both in size and scale. This time there are not one but three different heroes, all sharing a common goal –- to rob the National Reserve Bank and become rich beyond all reason. Rockstar, makers of the game, have always been an ambitious company, but this time they have surpassed themselves. The amount of detail put in the game is mind-blowing. Thousands of unique characters populate the streets of Los Santos and the state of San Andreas. The huge terrain will leave you wandering for long hours and even if you finish the game several times you will still find something new each time you play. And then you can always try the GTA Online and immerse yourself in the life of the street thug becoming a kingpin.

Watch why you should play GTA V (beacause DAAAAARTS!)

2. Batman Arkham Knight

Arkham Asylum was the first title to show that a good Batman game is possible. Arkham City showed that it’s possible to expand on the idea and make it even better. Now it’s time for the end of the Trilogy –- Rocksteady brings you Arkham Knight, the newest addition to the Batman Arkham series. And boy, what an addition it is! This time Bruce Wayne will have to face the titular Arkham Knight, a mysterious villain who together with the Scarecrow have taken over a large part of Gotham. The citizens have left, scared of terrorist attacks, and crime rules the streets. Fortunately Batman has some new tricks up his sleeve, most notably – the new Batmobile –- an amazing piece of technology which can transform into a tank with a single push of a button. Amazing graphics paired with one of the best fighting systems ever conceived by the human mind adds up to a unique and awesome package.

Here is how the newest Batman looks in glorious 4K


3. World of Warcraft

One most recognizable games in the world and one of the best, if not THE best, Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) RPG ever made, WoW is still fresh and cool after more than 10 years on the market! With a huge amount of add-ons, improved graphics, and gameplay mechanics World of Warcraft is a perfect example of how games should be made and maintained. Don’t wait –- join one of the most amazing communities in the world, live the adventures which overshadow Frodo’s mission to Mount Doom, and discover beautiful lands full of dangers and treasures.

Just remember one thing –- if you decide to go for it, deal with the fact of losing your real life!

Do you like weird songs? By even weirder people? Made in-WoW-engine? Ok! There you go!

4. Fallout 4

This game is not even out yet but it has already made it to the Top 5 Bestsellers on Kinguin! Why? Because Fallout! More importantly –- Fallout 4! One of the most awaited games slowly becomes reality, and what we already know makes us all that more excited for it.

The game will be set in the far future, after the events of former Fallouts. This time we will visit Boston, as a sole survivor of Vault 111. What’s more interesting –- the game will start in the year 2077, exactly at the moment when the first nuclear bombs start to whizz through the air. Discovering why your character didn’t age in the 200 years separating the beginning from the actual game events will be one of the mysteries for us to solve.

The gameplay in Fallout 4 will be similar to F3 but there will be some notable changes. The biggest will be a crafting system which will allow you to create not only new weapons or armors, but also houses, bases and their defence systems. Ah! One more thing –- remember Dogmeat? The dog from Fallout 1 and 2? He is coming back and he will be an important part of the game.

Watch the full presentation from Bethesda's E3 conference. If that doesn't convince you than nothing can!


5. GRID Autosport

Codemasters are well known for their awesome racing games. For years they delivered titles which were a perfect mixture of arcade and simulative driving models. Starting with the now cult Colin McRae Rally series, then moving to Race Driver: GRID and F1, the company became a force to reckon with when it comes to video games aimed at fans of motorsport. GRID Autosport is another example of how well Codemasters ‘feel’ driving games. You will take the role of a racing driver tasked with building his own driving team. Then it’s just pure driving pleasure on 28 tracks (+combinations) in one of 103 cars available. If you are a fan of vehicles then you shouldn’t miss GRID Autosport. Codemasters have proved again that they indeed are masters of code. Especially if it’s a code related to cars driving really fast.

GRID Autosport career mode looks like this.