Batman: Arkham series story recap

Batman Arkham Knight is out now, so to put you on speed we’ve prepared a short recap of what happened in the past parts. WARNING: Heavy spoilers ahead!



Joker captured

Batman manages to capture the Joker and brings him to Arkham Asylum, a special prison designed to keep the most dangerous villains in custody.



The Joker is surprisingly willing to go to the prison – that raises the suspicions of both Batman and commissioner Gordon.


Joker takes over the Asylum

So it’s not the biggest of surprises when the Joker breaks free and with help of Harley Quinn takes over Arkham.


Clash of the Titans

Without hesitation Batman starts to search the Asylum. He quickly finds one of his most dangerous adversaries – Bane. After a desperate fight, Batman uses the Batmobile to get rid of the monstrous opponent.

The Joker’s plan slowly becomes clear – thanks to some experiments conducted on Bane a new strain of Venom (a powerful mutagen poison) has been obtained – it’s called Titan and it’s what the Joker really wants.


Fight with the Killer Croc 

Batman discovers that there is a plant on Arkham Island which can be used to brew an antidote for Titan. Unfortunately it’s growing in the Killer Croc’s lair. After an involving fight with the monster, Batman gets the plant.


Final showdown with Joker

The Joker finally succeeds and obtains Titan. Transformed into a hulking monster he poses a serious threat to Batman. But not big enough – after all… it’s Batman…


The city of sin

After the events depicted in Arkham Asylum mayor Quincy Sharp, together with a very unpleasant scientist Hugo Strange, decides to turn the slums of Gotham into a huge prison for the most dangerous of criminals. This is how Arkham City is created.


Batman arrives to Arkham City

Bruce Wayne protests against this establishment but he is captured by Strange’s henchmen. He manages to escape and with help of Alfred Batman comes to Arkham City.



Poisoned by the Joker

Batman quickly discovers that the Joker is still sick with the Titan poison he used on himself in Arkham Asylum. The Dark Knight gets captured and the Joker introduces some of his poisonous blood into Batman’s bloodstream. Now the search for the antidote becomes the number one priority .


Clash with Penguin

The tracks lead to the Penguin – one of the most notorious adversaries of Batman. The fight is long and difficult and it actually includes a shark! Finally the Penguin gets owned, and Batman discovers that it’s Mr. Freeze who can help him with the antidote.


Freeze's secret agenda

Freeze sends Batman to get some of Ra's al Ghul’s blood – a component needed for the antidote. The Dark Knight reaches Ra’s’ sanctuary and manages to secure a vial full of his blood.


But Mr. Freeze has his own agenda – he knows he has leverage on Batman, so he forces him to save Nora – Freeze’s wife captured by the Joker. Batman fulfills the quest which ends with an epic fight against the master of frost and ice. Unfortunately, the only batch of antidote gets stolen by Harley Quinn.



Ra's goes down!

Meanwhile, Strange prepares an attack which will completely destroy the whole of Arkham City. Batman moves out to stop the doctor but it’s Ra’s who gets there first. After a fight Batman throws Ra’s through the window.


How the Joker died... 

Batman finally pinpoints the Joker’s location – it’s the Monarch Theatre, one of the most meaningful landmarks in the whole city. Inside he meets with Thalia al Ghul who tries to kill the Joker with Ra’s’ sword. Only then do both heroes realize that in reality it’s not the Joker but Clayman, and the whole plot was established only for the Joker to get the antidote.


After one of the most epic fights in all of the series Batman defeats Clayman and uses one of two antidote vials on himself. The second vial is destroyed, which means a death sentence for the Joker. One of the last scenes of the game is Batman carrying the Joker’s dead body out of the Monarch Theatre. It is also a perfect setting for Arkham Knight which starts six months after this very scene.

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