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What is Kinguin Mafia?

Remember: There is no such thing as the mafia... but you are welcome to join the family.

Kinguin Mafia
Got friends who buy games?

Now you can take a cut of their spendings. Even more! Build a crew of your own wiseguys and get a few points of their profit. That’s how it is in the family! Easy money!

The thing of ours is beneficial for

You, the capo, earn from every deal made by the men in your crew and if they have their own people you will earn from them as well. That means that even if you need to lay low for a while you will still earn and your guys will make the money for you.

After the job is done check your finances on your account.

Look how easy it is! You found a few good earners and his soldiers are doing all the hard work. You just take your vig. Once you have enough greens you can pick the payment you prefer and take your money or you can exchange it for other goods, here at Kinguin. It’s good to be connected.



The "job" is simple! All you need to do is to register to our crew and you will receive your unique referral link which you need to share with your friends, community or if you have a gaming website you can share it there with one of the banners that we have prepared for you - that's it! Whenever one of the people referred by you makes a purchase at Kinguin, you will receive a part from that transaction. You can follow all of those transactions in your affiliate panel. 

What is more important, the people you bring, after the purchase are linked to your account for life! Now they are a part of your crew! Every transaction they make in the future will bring you profit and if they introduce someone new, they can also make money! But don't worry - you will get your share of this as well! Below you can find what "cut" you can receive for each level of relationship!
Basic commission
Level 1 3% of sales amount
Level 2 0.75% of sales amount
Level 3 0.25% of sales amount
Payout method PayPal
Payout Duration Up to 7 days
Terms and Conditions



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If you change the country of residence the retail price will include the tax applicable for that country, or no tax if outside of the EU
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