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How to earn money with Kinguin Mafia?

Kinguin Mafia is a simple and free to join affiliate program dedicated to all video game fans around the world.
As our affiliate you’ll earn money by spreading the word about Kinguin and convincing people

Join the 15,000+ people who earn money!

How the Affiliate Program Works?

  1. You will be supplied with a unique link - a reflink.
  2. You can post it on your favorite forum, social media, share it with a famous streamer, youtuber, blogger or share it on ingame chat, while playing with your friends.
  3. When you share your reflink and someone: your friend, forum user, other player or one of the influencer fans, clicks on it, he will be redirected to
  1. When someone – redirected to by your reflink – makes a purchase, you get a commission. Your links are tracked and eternal – it doesn’t matter when someone makes that purchase. Cookies will know
  2. Each time a new person registers from your reflink in our Affiliate Program you get a cut of every transaction that is done from his reflinks.
  3. Now imagine all those people shopping...

Become One of the Best and Earn up to $50,000 monthly!

How much can you earn?

There are 3 levels of earnings in Kinguin Mafia Affiliate Program:

  • I level of earnings – 5% commisionEach time someone joins and buys directly from your reflink you get 5% commission.
  • II level of earnings – 0.75% commisionEvery time a new person joins from your reflink to Kinguin Mafia you get a 0.75% from every transaction that is done from his reflinks.
  • III level of earnings – 0.25% commisionWhen someone registers from this new persons reflink you get a 0.25% commision from his transaction.

How does it work in practice?

Let’s assume that one game costs €20 and if this game was bought by three people, one from each level, you get 6% commision: 5% from the first level, 0.75% from the second one and 0.25% from the third level, which means you earn €1.2.
Now imagine, that there are 10, 50, 100 or 200 people on each level!

REMEMBER: how much you earn depends on you! Beside that, in every product description on the Kinguin website there is information about how much can you earn.

Yes, with Kinguin Mafia you can earn money on the Internet easily!

Tips & tricks

  • Find the perfect momentDon’t spam – people hate that! Just join the right conversation and wait for the right moment. Someone is talking about games prices? Blockbusters? New releases? That’s where you come in.
  • Be polite and professional.Believe it or not, like in any other business, also here, you will build long-term relationships. Take care of them – that’s your profit we are talking about.
  • Affiliate Marketing is about sharing!Share your reflink with your friends, use your circle of trust, your friends will rely on your opinion.
  • Make notesKeep a record of every place where you’ve posted your reflink. First: you will create statistics – they will teach you when, how, where and what is the best place to share. Second: you can always go back and check if there are any more questions about your link of the Kinguin Mafia Affiliate Program.
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