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Perfect World 500 ZEN Epin

Perfect World 500 ZEN Epin
Region free
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Perfect World 500 ZEN Epin


Product Description

At least one of your characters must be level 10 or higher in order to use!

What is Perfect World Entertainment?

Perfect World Entertainment is a leading North American online games publisher specializing in immersive free-to-play MMORPGs. Founded in 2008, Perfect World Entertainment has published 10 popular titles, including Blacklight Retribution, Forsaken World, Perfect World International and Star Trek Online.

Perfect World Boutique/Item Mall

While Perfect World is free to play, the game relies on items sold in an in-game cash shop to make profit. Use of the cash shop is optional, but some items purchased there can improve a player's gameplay, while other items have purely cosmetic functions.


ZEN is the name of the virtual currency used throughout all of Perfect World Entertainment's games (excluding Torchlight). ZEN is used to purchase items in each of the games' cash shops to enhance the user's gameplay experience.

Cash shop items include cosmetic enhancements, accessories, in-game pets and mounts!

There are many ways to purchase ZEN, ranging from credit card payments and prepaid cards to mobile phone payments.

Key activation

To use the code to recharge ZEN:

  1. Go to the payment of Perfect World:
  3. Sign in with your email and password.
  4. In the first select the contractor handling the payments "ZEN-code / ZEN-kod" from the middle.
  5. According to the instructions, enter your code in 4 fields and click "Apply / Zatwierdź" and then "Exit / Wyjście"
  6. -To transfer purchased ZEN to play
  7. Go to the Transfer ZEN Perfect World:
  9. From the drop-down menu, select the option: "Choose a game / Wybierz grę", "Select Server / Wybierz serwer", specify the amount / Określ kwotę "and then click" Transfer / Transferuj "

If you have any problems regarding activation, please contact us:


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