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The shortest way to know how KINGUIN works

it's a jungle out there!

Many of us are upset with games prices on the main market distribution channels. Going out there and hunting for the best deals can be sometimes a painful experience. That's why Kinguin was created!

  • Only trustworthy vendors that go through a strict verification process are able to sell on Kinguin
  • Compare prices of your game and choose the best offer! Here, on Kinguin, you always have a choice!
  • You are safe! Kinguin provides Buyer Protection system where YOU and your money is 100% safe.
Kinguin: the wow factor!

With over a 4-year experience in the market, we have decided there must be a solution for gamers from all around the world to find their beloved games at the best prices possible!

It does not matter where are you from, we have something for each of you!
Over 5000 products in the database and new being added each day! Every game is on Kinguin!
how is that even possible?!

It's quite simple. We have contacted many of those Game stores out there and picked the trustworthy ones. On top of that we have put our own Customer Buyer Protection layer.

  • We do not release your payment to the seller before we are sure you are 100% satisfied with the purchase.
  • We guarantee 100% moneyback within 30 days.
  • Our Customer Support works 24/7 all year long!
what's kinguin exactly?

You can think of Kinguin as a global marketplace for digital games where You really have a choice! Stay with us a little longer and we can guarantee Kinguin will become a home for your games.

Step 1

You choose a game which
you are intrested to buy

Step 1
Step 2

You compare prices
and click the 'Buy' button

Step 2
Step 3

We, not a vendor, will manage
your order and provide support

Step 3
Step 4

After purchase, we will
send you an email that
includes your ordered key

Step 4

We don`t want this page to become a wall of text so please if you are more curious about Kinguin we recommend one of the following links:

- Kinguin Frequently Asked Questions

- Send us an email with your question, Ask the staff through live chat or Ask us through Facebook

Kinguin platform is operated by Kinguin Poland.

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